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AI Bus

Thank you for your cooperation in demonstration experiments.

What is "AI Bus™" It's a brand new micro-transit concept that moves you around the town.

  • Convenient

    Tap a button,
    Get a bus

  • Efficient

    Direct to your

  • Comfort

    Sit back and

What is AI Bus™

"AI Bus™" is a brand new on-demand public transportation system that provides shared but
direct rides to your destination whenever you want.

AI Bus™ does not have regular routes and schedules; it follows passengers' demand. AI Bus™ typically utilizes smaller vehicles,
and they move flexibly within service area, which is about a diameter of 5 km.
To get a ride, simply book a service by tapping a button of the AI Bus™ web app.
Cutting edge A.I. technology quickly computes and provides the best possible car allocation and a driving route real-time.
Share your rides with other passengers, while just sit back and relax along the way.

The "AI Bus™" is an efficient,
environment-friendly transit system providing
flexible transport for your day-trip and/or daily life.

How it works Anytime, Anywhere. Flexibly. AI Bus™, at your service.

  • "AI Bus™" is an on-demand shared public transportation service, with its real-time dynamic routing computed by cutting edge A.I. technology.

  • For boarding/alighting point, "bus stops" are tightly located within its service area.

  • An authorized passenger is allowed an access to on-line booking function through the web app, or the interactive signage placed pannels at selected bus stops.

  • Your booking request, along with other passengers' are computed by the system, and the vehicle that achieves the best possible outcome will be appointed to give you a ride. The vehicle will arrive shortly at your boarding bus stop.

  • The driver of the appointed vehicle will confirm your booking at the boarding. Unlike any other buses, your seat is always available. Just sit back and relax, enjoy the ride.

  • A.I. technology let drivers follow the most efficient routes for you and other passengers sharing the same trip.

How to use

How to use
the web app.

※The app is subject to updates.
Screen capture shown below may not reflect the version you use.

  • By clicking the URL on the e-mail,
    your web browser enables the AI Bus app.

  • You can book a ride by choosing your destination.
    e.g. booking from "Select destination and book" menu.

  • Listing of shops, restaurants, and other destination will appear.
    Pick one from the listing and click "Go Visit"

  • The nearest bus stop to the given destination will be automatically set as your alighting point.
    Confirm, and set your preferred boarding point.

  • Input the number of passengers, set your preferred boarding time, as you see fit.
    Then, click "Book a AI Bus®" at the buttom.

  • All Set!

    Please wait at the boarding point of your choice The appointed vehicle arrives shortly.

The web app also provides special offers
from regional stores and tourist attractions nearby.
Search while you are on board!

The AI Bus™ Yokohama Field Trial 2018 :
Oct. 5 - Dec. 10, 2018

Bus Stops
The trial service area is shown on the map below. Bus stops are tightly laid-out enabling flexible intra-area transport.

Check the latest map for AI Bus stops


When and where the AI Bus™ trial took place?
The AI Bus™ Yokohama Field Trial 2018 will be taken place from Oct. 5 ~ Dec. 10 at the bay area, Yokohama; (Minato Mirai 21, and Kannai).
How much is the fare for AI Bus™?
We provide AI Bus™ services for free of charge during the Yokohama trial. If expired, we hope you would joint the trial by visiting the ticket distibutor again.
Is smartphones a must to book and use AI Bus™?
Any particular requirement for phones?
Although it is not necessary, we strongly recommend to use the mobile app for the Yokohama trial. The mobile app allows you access to all the bus stops, easy booking functions, and special offers from our trial partners. Without using the mobile app, you still can book your ride using interactive signage panels placed at selected bus stops (i.e. interactive bus stops). Without smartphone, you can only book and get a ride from limited number of such stops. We have the mobile apps both for iOS and Android. You need a valid data connection.
Is the scheduled AI bus™ boarding time and alighting time correct?
The scheduled boarding time and scheduled alighting time may be somewhat affected by the traffic conditions. The AI bus™ does not depart until the scheduled boarding time. Therefore, you don’t have to rush to your boarding point. Also, please note that the scheduled boarding and arrival time of the AI bus™ may be delayed as it is a shared public transportation service.
What should I do if I am unable to arrive at my boarding point by the scheduled boarding time?
Please cancel your booking immediately and make a rebooking for the next suitable time. Please note that the AI bus™ will depart as scheduled without waiting for customers who are unable to arrive by the scheduled boarding time, as there will already be passengers on the bus, and at the next boarding point.